Town of Roosevelt

Page updated 03/08/2023

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Building Inspector – Jon Mattson, Atlas Inspections

contact Jon at [email protected] and 715-648-5444

Electrcial Inspector: Daniel Kegley, REM Inspecting LLC

  • This is for electrical projects at:
  • 1. A farm
  • 2. A public building, structure, or premises
  • 3. A place of employment
  • 4. A campground
  • 5. A manufactured home community
  • 6. A public marina, pier, dock, or wharf
  • 7. A recreational vehicle park
  • A new or re-energized service on detached garage, shed, pole building, pre-1980 dwelling, etc.
  • An  RV pedestal on bare land
  • A Ground mound solar system on a residential property.
  • A Solar system on roof of residential accessory building, i.e. detached garage; shed; pole shed; etc.
    • Note: you may be required to get a local building permit from Jon, call Jon to discuss building permit requirement for solar on a roof.

Click on ELECTRICAL PROJECTS to read more about electrical permits and inspections.

Have other questions about permits; inspections and cost, email us at [email protected]