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Electrical Inspections and Permits

Electrical installations; Inspections and Permits are required to comply with the State Electrical Code SPS 316

Who needs an electrical permit?

SPS 316.012 no electrical wiring project may commence unless the owner of the premises where the installation is to occur or their agent holds a permit from the designated inspection agency if the electrical project involves the installation of new or addition to any electrical service, feeder, or branch circuit serving any of the following: A farm. A public building, structure, or premises. A place of employment. A campground. A manufactured home community. A public marina, pier, dock, or wharf. A recreational vehicle park.

How long is an electrical permit good for? 12 months

Who needs an electrical inspection?

SPS 316.013 [All] electrical wiring installations shall be subject to inspection *Including electrical wiring projects not requiring a permit.

PSC 114.003 [All] utilities must obtain proof (Certificate) of compliance with Volumes 1 & 2 of the Wisconsin State Electrical Code before energizing a service.

How is the electrical permit and electrical inspection fee determined?

The permit administration fee is $50
application help fee $50 if needed
The Plan review fee is $80/hr. if needed
The inspection fee is $80 per hour (minimum of 1 hour) plus $1 per mile round trip per inspection.


We provide independent electrical inspection and permitting services in the following Municipalities

City of Amery
City of Barron
City of Cumberland
City of New Richmond
City of St. Croix Falls
Township of Alden
Township of Almena
Township of Apple River
Township of Beaver
Township of Black Brook
Township of Bone Lake
Township of Clear Lake
Township of Crystal Lake
Township of Cumberland
Township of Cylon
Township of Eureka
Township of Farmington
Township of Forest
Township of Garfield
Township of Laketown
Township of Lincoln
Township of Lorain
Township of Luck
Township of Maple Plain
Township of McKinley
Township of Milltown
Township of Osceola
Township of Roosevelt
Township of St. Croix Falls
Township of Sterling
Township of Turtle Lake
Village of Almena
Village of Balsam Lake
Village of Centuria
Village of Clayton
Village of Clear Lake
Village of Dresser
Village of Luck
Village of Milltown
Village of Osceola
Village of Turtle Lake

We provide independent electrical inspection and permitting services in the following counties

Douglas & Bayfield

Burnett & Washburn

Polk  & Barron

St. Croix & Dunn

and other areas upon request.

Residential Uniform Dwelling Code & Commercial Building Inspections and Permits

Each Municipality will have a different procedure on how the Building permitting process is handled. 

Click on the specific Municipality to find out more.

Polk County

Town of Alden 

City of Amery

Town of Black Brook 

Village of Clear Lake

Town of Clear Lake

   Village of Centuria

Town of Lincoln

     Town of Farmington


St. Croix County

Town of Cylon

Town of Forest

Barron County

   Town of Maple Plain

Town of Turtle Lake

Real Property Home & Business Inspections

We provide independent real property inspection services in the following counties

Polk  & Barron

and other areas upon request.