Town of Vance Creek

Page updated 07/08/2023

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Town of Vance Creek

Inspection agency: REM Inspecting LLC

Inspector: Daniel Kegley  and Nick Livingston

Building PERMIT APPLICATION FOR alterations, remodels, windows, additions, moving a building, existing building, etc.

Building PERMIT APPLICATION FOR A NEW HOME – Wisconsin Online Building Permit Application

Building Permit Checklist

Building Inspection Checklist

Erosion Control Regulations Checklist

Building Cross Section Aide

Who needs a building permit?

New 1 and 2 family dwellings, manufactured homes, and camping units in a campground.

Additions or alterations to a dwelling including windows do need a permit IF the value of the project is $20,000 or more AND the dwelling was built on or after June 1st 1980.

(All electrical projects will require a permit, please visit our Electrical Projects tab for more information.)

How long is a building permit good for?

24 months

What building projects are exempt from a building permit?

Re-siding, re-roofing, deck, detached garage, any accessory buildings, finishing of interior surfaces, installation of cabinetry, and ag structures. 

Additions or alterations to a dwelling with a project value LESS than $20,000 OR for a dwelling built prior to June 1st 1980. 



  1. Application Administration fee per project
  2. Application assistance fee, if requested
  3. Change fee is for additions or alterations of approved permit or design or scope of work
  4. State of Wisconsin ‘New Home’ uniform building seal is current fee plus S&H
  5. Permit to start fee (Excavation; footing & foundation only) 
  6. New one- & two-family dwelling construction fee: (ICC Building Valuation Data Cost per group / category x the inspection fee multiplier x square foot) .
  7. Addition; Alteration; Remodel; change of use fee
    1. Number of inspection types to be determined by the inspector at plan review
  8. Fee for modular dwelling unit; shell only dwelling unit is 80% of number 6 above.
  9. Fee for manufactured ‘mobile’ home plus any additions such as deck, basement, etc.
  10. Penalty fee for starting a project without a permit is up to double the full permit fees
  11. Re-inspection fee will be charged at the same rate as the original inspection fee.
    1. For a project that is not ready for inspection; does not meet the code; failure to cancel inspection at least one hour prior to scheduled time; storage or personal items blocking necessary inspection areas; no access to site and/or building will also be considered an inspection trip.
  12. Plan review fee
  13. Any additional services requested 
  14. Reimbursement of expenses plus costs
  15. Electrical permit & inspection fees are in addition to any building construction permit & inspection fees.  

Click on ELECTRICAL PROJECTS read more about electrical permits and inspections.

Have other questions about permits; inspections and cost, email us at [email protected]