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In general, REM Inspecting LLC fees are based on the following:

  1. Administration fee: up to $50 This includes but not limited to office administration and expenses; application processing, filing and archiving; report processing and distribution; customer communications; personnel cost; etc.
  2. Inspection fee: $80 per hour (1 hour minimum) This may include but not limited to: on and off site inspection; research; reporting; project review; coordination; communication; certification; documentation; personnel cost; etc.
  3. Travel expense fee: $1.00 per mile.  This includes but not limited to transportation cost; personnel travel expenses; etc.
  4. other fees (credit card fee; late fees; etc)

A deck would typically require two inspections: (1) footing inspection (2) final inspection

Are you building or modifying your deck then you came to the right page.

Does your “deck” have a roof? Then it is NOT a deck, it is a Porch or 3 or 4 season habitable room and would be built and inspected as per the WI Uniform Dwelling Code.

Any deck, whether connected to a structure or free-standing, that serves as an exit must meet the standards of the WI Uniform Dwelling Code.

Click here for Standard building permit application

Click here for SPS321.255

Click here for Appendix B

Click here for Appendix C

Click here for typical deck framing worksheet

Click here for footing sizing worksheet