Daniel Kegley Bio



The Early Years

 To GOD be the glory! Dan started working with industrial electronics and computer systems back in the early 1980’s.  After he graduated college, Dan joined the United States Air Force to continue a career in electrical, mechanical, and rocket propulsion systems, spanning 23 plus years working on nuclear missiles, space systems, surveillance & imaging systems, and radar systems 

Licensed Master Electrician

 Dan joined the International brotherhood of electrical workers (IBEW) L.U.14 and graduated from the 5 year electrical apprenticeship program to go on and become a licensed Master Electrician. Dan expanded into renewable energy projects in 2003 and has helped engineer, construct, procure, commission, operate and manage multiple types of renewable energy facilities and systems throughout the country

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Licensed Inspector

In 2018 Dan started a new company and added inspection services that utilized the knowledge and experiences he has gained over the years.  Dan is currently providing Electrical inspections; Real Estate inspections and Building inspections throughout Wisconsin. 

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