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To GOD be the Glory; Thank you for coming to REM Inspecting LLC (REMI) for your inspection needs.

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  • Per DSPS, REMI must verify municipal jurisdiction requirements prior to doing the inspection.
    SPS 316.013 electrical wiring installations shall be subject to inspection   *Including electrical wiring projects not requiring a permit as listed in SPS 316.012. PSC 114.003 utilities must obtain proof (Certificate) of compliance with Volumes 1 & 2 of the Wisconsin State Electrical Code before energizing a service.
  • SPS 316.13 We have to the end of the second business day following the day of notification to perform the inspection or as otherwise agreed between the applicant and REMI.


As I understand the State Electrical codes volumes 1 & 2, there are Four factors that play into electrical inspections

  1. If there is a building permit issued that includes the electrical inspections then the inspection is administered through that permit.
  2. If an electrical permit is issued serving any of the following locations: 1. A farm. 2. A public building, structure, or premises. 3. A place of employment. 4. A campground. 5. A manufactured home community. 6. A public marina, pier, dock, or wharf. 7. A recreational vehicle park, than the inspection would be administered through that permit.  i.e. the municipality having jurisdiction or the State of Wisconsin.
    1. I currently have 19 signed contracts with municipalities to provide electrical permits in their municipalities. You can see which municipalities by clicking here to go to my website
    2. I have sent out about 50+ letters to municipalities requesting to be their electrical inspector.  If you can help promote REMI with your municipality this that would be great.
  3. If a local municipality that has an electrical ordinance then you have to follow that municipalities rules.  You would have to contact the clerk of the local town and ask if they have an electrical ordinance, most of them do not.
  4. If there is no building permit; electrical permit or electrical ordinance than any inspection agency can provide the electrical inspection per SPS 316.013 or provide the utility inspection for proof of compliance certificate per PSC114.003(2)

In general, If there is no building or electrical permit pulled for the work then REM Inspecting LLC fees are based on the following:

  1. Administration fee: up to $50 per inspection.  This includes but not limited to office administration and expenses; application processing, filing and archiving; report processing and distribution; customer communications; personnel cost; etc.
  2. Inspection fee: $80 per hour (1 hour minimum) This may include but not limited to: on and off site inspection; research; reporting; project review; coordination; communication; certification; documentation; personnel cost; etc.
  3. Travel expense fee: $1.00 per mile.  this includes but not limited to transportation cost; personnel travel expenses; etc.
  4. other fees (credit card fee; late fees; etc)