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Page updated 06/28/2021

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Electrical Inspection Request

  • NOTE: a building or zoning permit # may also be required for this work, check with local municipality and county.
  • Please give us 2 business days after the day of notification to process your request.
  • Per DSPS, REMI must verify municipal jurisdiction requirements prior to doing the inspection.
  • Name
    Owner or Electrician to fill out the top portion of Electrical Inspection Certificate, and either email it to us or leave it in the meter socket for the inspector to pick up. REMI will complete the inspection portion once the install meets all code requirements.


Who needs an electrical inspection?  

SPS 316.013 ‘all’ electrical wiring installations shall be subject to inspection    *Including projects not requiring a permit.*

The local municipal ordinance may also require electrical inspections.

PSC 114.003 Before energizing a service a utility must obtain proof of compliance with Volumes 1 and 2 of the Wisconsin State Electrical Code. Proof of such compliance shall consist of a certificate furnished by a municipal or other recognized inspection department or officer.

REM Inspecting LLC is a delegated municipal inspection department and a state registered inspection agency.

To request an electrical inspection complete the information above and click submit, it is that easy


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