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page updated 03/07/2023

If you are doing electrical work any where in the County, then you came to the right place!

NOTICE: AS OF 1 MARCH 2023 THE STATE OF WISCONSIN HAS HIRED BTS TO SERVCIE ALL NEW COMMERCIAL ELECTRICAL PERMIT AND INSPECTION.  CONTACT BTS DIRECTLY.  If you have an existing permit through REMI then we will fulfill that pemit, click on the tab at the top to request your electrical inspection.

For all other electrical inspections, REMI can provide electrical inspection services.  As an Electrical Inspection Agency we can proivde Electrical Inspections in this COUNTY for:

    1. Electrical work at ALL OTHER LOCATIONS, such as bare land, residential properties, etc.


  • FEES paid to REMI:
    • The initial fees will be based on the information we receive from your submitted application.
      1. For a single inspection at a non-delegated municipality, a minimum $200 fee per inspection visit for the following:
          • New or re-energized service on detached garage, shed, pole building, pre-1980 dwelling, etc.
          • RV pedestal on bare land
          • Ground mound solar system on a residential property.
          • Solar system on roof of residential accessory building, i.e. detached garage; shed; pole shed; etc.
            • Note: you may be required to get a local building permit from the local municipality, in addition to an electrical inspection from REMI.
            • For Solar system on the roof of your home, contact your local municipality to see if they have an ordinace for electrical inspection requirements.  If not, then we can provide you with the electrical inspection.
    • Additional fees may be assessed for the following:
      • Plan review fee
      • Re-inspection fee for re-inspection of non-code compliant items found at prior visits.
      • work not included in the original application.
      • processing fee for payments using a credit card or online payment.
      • 1.5 times the rate for inspections performed on Saturdays, Sundays, State of Wisconsin holidays.
      • 1.5 times the rate for times other than scheduled in at the request of the permit application.
      • Late-payment fee: equal to 1% per month of the outstanding balance.


    • REMI accepts the following payment methods:
    • No application will be approved unless the application fees are paid in full.
    • No inspections shall occur until payment is received in full for any outstanding fees.



SPS 316.012 Permits. (1) (a) No electrical wiring project may commence unless the owner of the premises where the installation is to occur, or their agent, holds a permit from the designated inspection agency if the project involves the installation of new or an addition to any electrical service, feeder, or branch circuit serving any of the following: 1) A farm. 2) A public building, structure, or premises. 3) A place of employment. 4) A campground. 5) A manufactured home community. 6) A public marina, pier, dock, or wharf. 7) A recreational vehicle park.

(b) Under emergency conditions, the necessary electrical wiring may commence without obtaining a permit, provided the owner of the premises where the installation is to occur, or their agent, submits a permit application to the inspection agency designated by the department to provide electrical inspections for the installation no later than the next business day after commencement of the installation.

SPS 316.013 Inspections. (1) Except as provided under s. 101.875 (2), Stats., electrical wiring installations shall be subject to inspection.

(2) Inspections of electrical wiring installations described under s. SPS 316.012 (1) (a) shall be conducted by a certified commercial electrical inspector.

(3) (a) The building owner or their agent shall notify the inspection agency designated by the department to provide electrical inspections when the electrical wiring installation is ready for inspection. (b) Except as provided in par. (c), to facilitate inspection all of the following shall apply: 1. Electrical wiring shall remain accessible and exposed for inspection purposes. 2. Electrical wiring may not be energized. (c) 1. The concealment or energizing of electrical wiring, other than an electrical service, may proceed if inspection has not been completed within 2 business days after notification is received or as otherwise agreed between the wiring installer and the designated inspection agency providing the inspection. 2. The notification that an electrical wiring installation is ready for final inspection shall be made to indicate when all electrical fixtures, outlets and face plates are in place and the installation or that portion of the installation is energized. (d) 1. If upon inspection, it is found that the installation is in compliance with this chapter, the certified inspector shall approve the installation prior to concealment or energizing of the electrical wiring. 2. If upon inspection, it is found that the installation is incomplete or not in compliance with this chapter, orders to correct shall be issued. An order may include the condition that the electrical wiring is to remain unconcealed and non−energized until re−inspected.

State Statute 101.862 License or registration required.  Unless exempted elsewhere in this code
(1)  No person may engage in the business of installing, repairing, or maintaining electrical wiring unless the person is licensed as an electrical contractor by the department.
(2) No person may install, repair, or maintain electrical wiring unless the person is licensed as an electrician by the department or unless the person is enrolled as a registered electrician by the department.
(3) No person who is not a master electrician may install, repair, or maintain electrical wiring unless a master electrician is at all times responsible for the person’s work.